Labyrinth 2013

Jan Amos Komensky The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart illustrations by Miroslav Huptych.

The exhibition took place in The National Pedagogical Museum and Comenius library in Prague 20.6.-30.9.2013.

Now the exibition is in the Dutch Comenius Museum in Naarden /Nedtherland/ suntil October 2013- March 2014.

The exhibition Museum Okregowe Leszno /Poland/ 20.3.-30.6. 2018


The cycle of 12 computer graphics is in the possesion of the following institutions:

 The National Pedagogical Museum of J. A. Comenius in Prague

J. A. Comenius Museum in Uherský Brod

Comenius Museum in Naarden (The Netherlands)


Format of each Computer graphics sheet: 1000x700 mm